Women of Imgur, try it, it works.
Earth porn and space porn meet
I met my wife at a Star Trek convention…
Face-Swapping gone wrong

This cat knows how to relax
MRW I read an unpopular opinion puffin I don’t agree with but realize it’s proper use of the meme.

I didn’t know this origin story, but it…
For the third time in two years, feminists at a major Canadian university interrupt a male issues lecture on campus. The feminists yelled and talked over the lecturer, blew air horns in the lecture room, and later pulled a fire alarm to sabotage the lecture.
Well, Google, I guess that somewhat answers my question..
My sister randomly leaves drawings like this around our house…
Guy accidentally interrupts a Russian wedding
How to fuck up an interview in the first 10 seconds
I think Judas’s biggest crime was never understanding personal space
The best picture I have ever taken.
McDonald’s managers ordered to cheat their employees
Of All the Things to Put on a Shirt
Fun facts I learned about myself: Apparently I am 39(?), a mom, an anti-aging miracle, and I went on a talk show. No one told me!
A monster bluefin tuna caught off the New Zealand coast could spell a big payday for some Coromandel fishermen.

no i think we should talk about the past
Don’t Send Your Kids on a Boring 2-D Egg Hunt

This the realest shit I seen in a minute
So my girlfriend is a nanny and was reading to a 5 year old when she found this book at the bottom of the stack. It’s about a mole trying to figure out who took a shit on its head.
My first attempt at naturally dying Easter eggs…
A sign of rebellion
Shhhh…… it’ll be over soon.
I (the ginger) was unknowingly standing in front of this poster when my friend said "Wait!! I’ve got to get a picture of this!!"
How Many Peeps Can A .50 Cal Go Through?

He even pulled his pants up so the bottoms wouldn’t…
Something to Take to Heart This Easter.
Well, that’s it. Cosplay’s been Won.
Old lady at our church wore her "festive bunny earrings" for Easter service this morning. She has no clue…
A woman outside my work had a handicapped duck that she has been taking care of for 8 years