January 30, 1969
Stumbled upon this
Dippable Pizza Sticks
My new gym is so thoughtful
[Image] A friend of mine drew this.
This movie trilogy took an abrupt turn.
I was told to kill a spider today at work. This is what came of that.
Inside a Camera at 10,000fps

I have found many versions of this artwork I did,…
Cat is man’s best friend
Totes fair
My son’s "girlfriend" lol
This is all I can think of every time Nancy Grace describes a "pot-addicted criminal"
This idiot spent $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. I give up on life.
Get a Custom Jersey For the Big Game!

never forget in 10th grade i forgot it was…
Might Need a Few More Hours of Training
Shit’s so salty, Sam & Dean are trying to hunt demons with it!
Civilization, teaching history since 1991
The Snow is Falling, and So Are All These News Reporters
Guy plays I’m Yours on two Nokia phones
Flawless sense of direction.
Watch These Babies Go Through Tunnels. They All Do the Exact Same Adorable Thing…


the dr.phil m&m is scary…
That’s One Boring Test

name us and the contract will be sealed
Get the Perfect Decor For Your Super Bowl Party
Awful font aside, that’s cute as fuck.
Girls watch porn too.
5 Tips for a Fun and Easy First Date
Just like in really life!
We Need a Fleet of These Adorable Snow-Clearing Robots for the East Coast
What a load
The Look When Your Dreams Come Crashing Down