The April Fools prank 3 years in the making (11 Pictures)
My coworkers are going to hate me.
MRW my mom pulls out her buttplug
How I imagine foreplay with sarah would be
This cat must have a secret identity
Shh, it’s okay. Just let it happen.
When you can’t even remember what you had for dinner two days ago.
nickholmes:Seize immortality. 
Girls with SOs, please please please remember this.
Her reaction after she saves him is so touching
My dad used to put notes in my lunch. Now I’m 31 and this one still hangs on my fridge.
Oh my god this is abnormally adorable.
Google Japan’s keyless keyboard
MRW I accidentally type ‘death with it’ instead of ‘deal with it’
MRW i already nutted and she keeps sucking
Looking through my parent’s old photo album makes me appreciate the fact that I made it to where I am today.
I don’t believe that for a second
After 3 long years of waiting, Finally promoted to Comcast’s Eastern-Regional Director of Communications!
The best thing he had to offer me on our first date.
He said it wasn’t running right, and that he needed to borrow my jack to check the transmission.
MRW I’m banned from the kiddie pool for being "too competitive"
And yet my girl can’t even handle a money shot.
Don’t hug me I’m scared 4
"Need some help honey?"
Is April Fools joke
Sad… Happy… Sad… Happy…
Hmm.. is that really the best reason to not vote for Hilary Clinton?
Basic Bitch Crossing
I lost it at number two
doingitforthevine:i had a little too much fun snapchatting at…
Posted at 2015-04-01 12:30
This albino squirrel comes to the window just to rub his nipples
How the physics teacher lost his job
Dick Move, Ya Cock
How my husband bonds with our daughter
In the end it will be him and the cockroaches