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So I became a Canadian Citizen today and I couldn’t be happier!
Learn to read Russian in 15 minutes (Yes, for real. I thought it was a joke at first, too.)
Factual Destiny Review
MSU Student Tries to Dunk in Front of a Packed Auditorium, Gets Summarily Rekt
His Face says it all…
Ice Road
I’m not sure what I could do with the information, but it would be interesting.
What Sign Should Someone Post Next?
Urinal in my univeristy bathroom has it’s own stall
“My Bae look like Rhianna”
Try a New Strategy
Your Dog Loves Star Wars as Much as You Do, Right?
most of you are Asleep and this will die in Usersub anyway! HAHA!
NOPE of the Day: Check Out the Close-up View of a Huge Wasp Nest on a Man’s Window
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My buddy getting robbed at gunpoint while his GoPro was recording.
Samuel, my 19.5 year old cat that we had to say goodbye to today. You will be missed
My mate had a home invasion they had Machetes, He had bare hands – He won!!
My Dad lost his battle with cancer tonight. Thought I’d share one of my favorite photos of him and my Mom. 1969.
Are video games sexist? Christina Hoff Sommers disagrees. Calls SJW’s as hipsters with degrees in cultural studies.
How much do you think a homeless man could make doing this?
Nosy bastards.

So real

Dorm Room Problems.
This picture speaks louder than any I’ve seen
BP is "NOT" committed to the Gulf. Two lbs. of tar balls picked up today in one hour on Perdido Key, FL.