This is why you won’t be getting a real gun.
Today I went to Sir Ian McKellen’s house and wore Gandalfs hat.
Hit the jackpot this morning.
The New Yorker’s take on the iCloud fiasco.
For every scantly-clad woman or tit shot I see on user sub’s most popular, I’m gonna post a stud machine.

never skip leg day
Meanwhile in Russia: Road Rage Surprise
Natural Selection Works Itself Out
Road rage in Russia.
Just a soothing moment before you move on to the next post
Regarding recent events
I’m unemployed and my girlfriend just made my day. I hope everyone else is having a good day, too.
First Day of School: Before and After
In the Wake of The Fappening, CNN Asks: Who is the Man Known as 4chan?
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Apple’s new logo
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Protecting Your Phone From an ATM PIN Hack
4chan on CNN
Tape me up scotty!
Forced perspective interaction
This arrowhead was made by actual Indians.
You’re Never to Old for a Party Bucket
I asked my kid who he wanted to be for Halloween this year, and he said,"Luke, from the snowy Star Wars!" I think he likes it.
An aid worker sprays the corpse of a man killed by Ebola with disinfectant. Looks like something out of The Stand.
When You Need AC, You Go to Great Lengths
13 terrible people we’ve all encountered at a restaurant
MFW I know I have no chance
Singer performs with disembodied heads in cardboard boxes…and it’s awesome, not creepy
Why Wait Until Halloween?
If you’re an idiot who slipped into college, here’s a guide to the “smart” people around you
Seven Years of Car Work