London Underground Tongue Click Ping Pong Battle
MRW I’m on the phone with my crush and he says hes leaving to take a shower and without thinking i ask `can i join` and he actually says `sure, come over`
You’ll get there one day little buddy.


Is there a video for…
MRW my girlfriends parents surprise visit us after she’s been drinking all night
I find no fault in this logic.
If You Have a Cat and You Haven’t Done This Hack, You’re Missing Out On Serious Cuteness
If Black Friday Were the Darkest Thriller You’ve Ever Seen
Horse is afraid of the water until he gives it a try.

this was on twitter and I laughed so hard

"You’re always dying, Krillin"
"… … … ….
A Dog in a Snow Maze
Anyone else that’s like me?
Am I the only one who waits the whole year for Autumn to eats these delicious fuckers?


Parking is a challenging…
Let’s not forget what the media isn’t showing you. Young black men cleaning up after the Ferguson protests.
My cat looks insane.

Everyone should start carrying $2 bills!I’m STILL…
Gun control would make the world so much more badass
You devil, you
Spooky floating bag in the grocery store.
So, I heard you guys like original continent
My buddy’s high school track team’s stars photo
Just a dog dressed as a bear on a treadmill
Finally after 13 years and a 2 week stay at an immigration detention center, I finally became a US citizen! :-)
I have a joke for u imgur
Colleague was like ‘Who’s that with Frodo?’

im about to fucking scream
My mom always told me she went to school with Adam Sandler and I never believed her, until I found her yearbook today.
The part that sold me