Thank you, Internet.
The mother-in-law is about to go home to the states after visiting us in Australia. This is what a lot of her luggage looks like.
My father and his friends, 1971, enjoying an ice cream in the English countryside.
I’m Really Starscreaming for This One
Norman G. Finklestein replies to woman who tries to play the Holocaust card…
One of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen. Those are doughnuts cut out of cardboard, placed over hard hats…



This is the sound of thousands of people cracking their knuckles at the same time
A Completely Inaccurate, but Awesome, Way to Describe a Ferret
Texting and Driving: Not Even Once
The face of a new father of quadruplets….
Using a skydiving simulator like a boss!
This guy is living the dream
The Queen Just Photobombed a Selfie At The Commonwealth Games
Puppey – The one-man army
UCF Freshmen Being Assigned to Live in Closets and Bathrooms
You Know What Emoji Needed More of? NEWMAN!


bitch dont kill mah…
So this dude creates a tool to fill up 100 water balloon a minute…
Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death.
A friend of mine was at the airport and found Asian Morgan Freeman
Before this gets out of hand
This picture was found on the door of a therapist
That’s a Lot of Hops in Your Beer
MH17 victims being transported, person by person, from the airport to a forensic institute. Amazing display of respect.
Florida is full of normal people
Weird Tube of the Day: Social Media in a Nutshell
232 Teeth pulled out from 17 yr old
Never too old to be a Pokémon master.
That last comment …


im fucking crYIN G omfg

I will NEVER…
Obvious Trends
Two realities
Is This Bus Boy Moving in Fast Forward?